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Dost100 Doner knife, Dost 100 Power adapter

Product No.:
Dost 100n
Immediately Available Immediately Available (abroad may vary)
100 pieces
RRP 550,00 EUR
only 535,00 EUR

plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

circular knife: Ø 100mm
Idling speed: 7000U/min
Weight: 990g

Power adapter for Dost100

Input voltage: 230V AC ~ 50-60Hz
Output voltage: 14.4V DC
safety fuse: 0,63A
thermostatic switch: 110C
Weight: 2800g

ergonomics: a better handling
Guard for hands of heath and sloshing
100mm circular knife
easy handling
fit for all kinds of meat
very quiet and very fast